Odicoat Fabric Coating

Are you looking for coated woven fabrics but can't find the right design? Then we have the solution for you with Odicoat!

The Odicoat Gel gives fabrics the properties of oilcloth and also protects the treated fabric from dirt and UV radiation.

After the gel has dried, the coated material is still flexible and can be processed and sewn without hesitation.

Odicoat is particularly suitable for firm cotton woven goods. Stretchy fabrics such as jersey or sweat are not suitable. Always make a test piece to be on the safe side.


The work surface should be covered with a mat such a plastic wrap or baking paper. The surface should be straight and smooth. So that you can fix the fabric well, a slightly larger cut than the required size makes sense. In order to achieve an even result, the fabric can be worked on before with an iron.

Now lay the fabric with the right side up on the base and fix it so that it cannot slip. Then distribute the gel evenly on the fabric with a brush or knife. Next, use the enclosed Odiclette card to work the gel evenly into the fabric by moving crosswise. Excess gel can simply be brushed back into the box and used again. There should be no noses or stripes left. It is important that when coating several times, only a thin layer is applied and worked in evenly.

With a single application, the fabric dries through in approx. 2 hours. Applying a second and / or third layer of Odicoat is recommended for better protection. The second or third application can be done after the previous application is dust-dry. That should be like that after about 30-60 minutes. If the gel is applied several times, the fabric should dry for 12 hours.

To fix the gel, the fabric should be ironed on both sides (medium heat). To do this, place a layer of baking paper or an old cloth between the fabric and the iron so that the fabric does not stick to the iron.

The fabric can then be processed further. It is machine washable at 30 degrees or can alternatively be wiped off with a damp cloth.

According to the manufacturer, you can coat around 2.5 square meters of fabric with 250 ml of gel.

Odicoat is water-based and does not contain biphenol.

Direct contact with food is not recommended. In the case of indirect contact such as for tablecloths, placemats or aprons, the use is no problem.

Odicoat Gel for coating fabric