Taylor Seville Pins

Quality without compromise! Because a pin is not just a pin. Find out what makes Taylor Seville needles so special.

Worn or poor-quality pins can cause fabric damage, for example torn threads. This is particularly annoying with high-quality and expensive fabrics.

The possible uses are variable and it makes sense to match the pins to the respective sewing project.

Taylor Seville pins are professional quality and the comfort grip makes it easy to get the needle in the fabric. The handle is heat resistant and allows you to iron the sewing project in between without causing damage. The needles can be conveniently stored in the box provided.

Magic Pins Applique
Applique extra fine 0,4 x 26 mm (approx. 0,016 x 1 inch)
Applique regular 0,6 x 26 mm (approx. 0,024 x 1 inch)

These needles are particularly short and therefore perfect for appliqué and quilting. For individual parts that have to be sewn by hand, the short needles prevent you from pricking your finger.

Magic Pins Silk – for delicate fabrics
Silk fine 0,5 x 36 mm (approx. 0,02 x 1,42 inch)

The Magic Pins Silk are suitable for pinning delicate fabrics such as silk, as they are particularly smooth and pointed. This will not damage the fabric while pinning.

Magic Pins Patchwork
Patchwork extrafine 0,4 x 36 mm (approx. 0,016 x 1,42 inch)
Patchwork fine 0,5 x 36 mm (approx. 0,02 x 1,42 inch)
Patchwork regular 0,6 x 36 mm (approx. 0,024 x 1,42 inch)

Especially in patchwork you need needles that reliably fix the arranged fabric cuts. This works safely with the Magic Pins Patchwork and pinning several layers of fabric together is no problem at all.

Magic Pins Quilting
Quilting fine 0,5 x 48 mm (approx. 0,02 x 1,89 inch)
Quilting regular 0,6 x 48 mm (approx. 0,024 x 1,89 inch)

Taylor Seville quilting needles are longer and easily pin multiple layers of fabric, which is essential for quilting.

Magic Pins Ultra Grip Quilting
Ultra Grip Quilting fine 0,5 x 48 mm (approx. 0,02 x 1,89 inch)

The extra strong rings ensure a very good grip between the fingers while pinning, which is a big assistance, especially with thick fabrics. Just like the Magic Pins Quilting, they hold multiple layers of fabric.

Magic Pins Extra Long
Extra long regular 0,6 x 56 mm (approx. 0,024 x 2,2 inch)

The extra-long needles are perfect for pinning multiple layers of quilts.

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