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As a distributor for craft supplies, we supply commercial customers and the textile processing industry. With our many years of experience and short delivery times, we are your reliable partner.

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The Steidl & Becker Company was established by Julius G. Becker and Carl Steidl in 1922 as a factory for chalks. August Meywirth bought the company and since then it is owned by the Meywirth family.

The range of trade products has been extended over the decades and the distribution sector grew more and more. Our activities have always been international.

With the change of manufacturing processes and the migration of factories the need for chalks got less. To compensate the loss of customers, we extended our range in the hobby and craft sector. Today we are one of the leading distributors in our market.

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History of Steidl & Becker


Foundation of Steidl & Becker

Foundation of Steidl & Becker as a chalk factory by Julius G. Becker and Carl Steidl in Hamburg. The logo shows the year 1925 as the year of foundation. We have found documents wich show that the company was established in 1922.

historische Bild Schneiderkreideherstellung


Removal to Grossalmerode

From Nov. J.G. Becker manages the company alone. Later on August Meywirth bought the company. The exact date is not known. 

August Meywirth, Steidl & Becker GmbH


Willy Meywirth

In Mai Willy Meywirth buys the company and manages it until 1976.


Siegfried Meywirth takes over the company

Siegfried Meywirth takes over the company Steidl & Becker ESBE-Kreidefabrik.

Preisliste Historisch


ESBE-Kreidefabrik GmbH

Foundation of the Steidl & Becker, ESBE-Kreidefabrik GmbH.

Steidl & Becker, ESBE-Kreidefabrik GmbH


Alexander Meywirth

Alexander Meywirth started working in the company.


Andreas Meywirth

Andreas Meywirth started working in the company.


Warehouse Management Systems

Extension of our stock and launch of a warehouse management system for a better stock and dispatch management. Introduction of the new websites.


Steidl & Becker GmbH

The company was re-named from Steidl & Becker ESBE-Kreidefabrik GmbH to Steidl & Becker GmbH. Alexander Meywirth was assigned as CEO.



Construction of a new warehouse.


Alexander Meywirth

Siegfried Meywirth retires. Alexander Meywirth operates the business in the 4th generation.


Gift Set KnitPro J'Adore

KnitPro Special Edition J'Adore

Gift set of ergonomically designed lavender colored wooden needle tips in luxury storage case.

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Macaron Needle Sharpener from Clover

Clover Needle Sharpener & Polisher Macaron

No more blunt needles! With the Macaron needle sharpener from Clover, the needles are sharp again in the twinkling of an eye.

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handmade Tape Measure made of beech wood made by KnitPro

KnitPro Tape Measure made of beech wood

The stylish measuring tapes are handmade from beech wood and have a scale in centimeters and inches. Available in round or square shape.

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Knitting Chart Keeper by KnitPro

KnitPro Magnetic Chart Keeper

The practical chart keepers now in a new design. So you always have a very precise view of where you are in your project!

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pastel knitting needle gift set „Self Love“ by Knitpro

KnitPro Holiday Gift Set "Self Love"

The new KnitPro knitting needle set in the form of a book, divided into 3 chapters and with light pastel-colored needle tips.

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Exclusive cutting scissors with gold coating by Premax

Premax Tailor Shears Gold Collection Ever Sharp

New in the range: high-quality scissors from PREMAX. The tailor's scissors with the gold plating on the handles are a real highlight.


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[Translate to Englisch:] Gleener Fusselentferner und Flusenbürste

Gleener Lint Remover

The perfect multitool!

The lint brush at one end. At the other end, interchangeable attachments for removing pilling of your favorite pieces.

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[Translate to Englisch:] GRIZZLY 100 von Bergère de France

GRIZZLY 100 from Bergère de France

It doesn't get any softer! New from Bergère de France: Grizzly100! The cozy winter yarn is ideal for soft sweaters, jackets or scarves.


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KnitPro SmartStix Rundstricknadelset

KnitPro SmartStix Gift Set

SmartStix gift set as a limited edition from KnitPro.

A wonderful set including a bag made of vegan leather and sustainable beech wood.

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Gewachster Baumwollstoff - Outdoorstoff

Oilskin/Waxed Cotton

Waxed cotton with an antique look.

Oilskin fabrics are very robust and therefore ideally suited for bags and outdoor fashion.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Maritime Maßbänder

Maritime Tape Measures

Handicraft fun with a holiday feeling.

The measuring tapes in maritime design make you want to create something with your own hands.

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