Do you cut a lot and therefore have problems with your wrist? The ergonomic shape of the TrueCut rotary cutter will inspire you!

More cutting power with less effort and straight cuts at all times - the TrueCut cutter in conjunction with the TrueCut ruler makes it possible. The ruler has a ruler track and cutter guide system, i.e. each side of the ruler has a rail that fits together with the guide of the rotary cutter. The cutter is hooked into the rail and thus runs straight in the guide rail and does not deviate from the edge of the ruler.

The ergonomic comfort curve handle is suitable for left and right-handers and relieves the arm and wrist while cutting. In this way, the cutting force is directed directly to the blade.

Both the cutter and the ruler can easily be combined separately with products from other manufacturers. Replacement blades from Olfa and Clover are also compatible with the TrueCut cutter.

TrueCut Rotary Cutter, Ruler